ICATS Company Membership

You can apply for your Company to become registered under the ICATS scheme online by completing this form and paying the appropriate fee.

When your application has been processed you will receive your membership certificate and you will be able to nominate one or more of your staff to attend the ICATS Company Trainer course. Your nominated applicators can then be trained by your Company Trainer to gain their certification.

What Does it cost?

The registration fee is based on your companies annual turnover: 

Turnover    Initial Registration Fee  Annual Registration Fee
Up to £500K  £750 + VAT  £750 + VAT
£500K - £1M   £1,000 + VAT  £1,000 + VAT
£1M - £5M   £1,500 + VAT  £1,500 + VAT
£5M - £10M
 £2,500 + VAT  £2,500 + VAT
Over £10M
 £3,500 + VAT  £3,500 + VAT